The Sure Chill Company

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Sure Chill is an innovative platform cooling technology in the field of saving energy, which harnesses a unique property of water to enable continuous cooling from inconsistent power. Regular cooling needs constant power, Sure Chill doesn’t.

Meeting the growing demand for renewables and smart grid technologies head on is at the core of Sure Chill’s business. To meet global future energy needs, energy providers are under increasing pressure to deliver more power, and to do so in a more reliable, efficient, energy-saving and sustainable manner whilst also reducing and managing demand.

As energy markets around the world are migrating towards the establishment and developed use of smart grid technology, with Sure Chill’s ability to combine accurate cooling with energy storage is perfectly suited. They work in the agri-food, energy, retail, beverage and home appliance sectors and with many international third-sector organisations, building a reputation for versatile, unique and efficient energy-saving solutions.