Heliex Power

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Heliex's product & technology generates electricity by harvesting existing steam or waste heat within client's production processes.

Using Heliex Power's patented technology GenSets, clients can 

  • reduce energy bills
  • improve operating margins
  • reduce carbon tax
  • enhance plant performance
  • generate RHI

 With systems now being sold all across Europe in industries from glass and steel, to wood and agro-crop production, to petrochemical and chemicals plus a portfolio of truly unique, new tech products, Heliex continues on its mission to cut energy costs in industry and boost sustainability in a multitude of sectors. Heliex has recently begun scaling up growth, selling into new territories with recent sales in Africa and development underway in S.East Asia in new segments such as tea production & palm oil as well as medical waste incineration & biofuel manufacturing. Reducing overall emissions, reducing waste, saving energy, maximising power generation & reducing emissions as well as costs with the introduction of innovative products lies at the heart of Heliex Power.

Our Values:

BIG THINKING – we think big all of the time, whether it is developing new and innovative technologies that will help our customers or by exploring new territories and markets.

RESPECT – we understand that everyone has a role to play in making our business work. We treat every colleague, partner and customer as we’d like to be treated ourselves.

POSITIVE – we actively solve problems for our customers. We are confident in our proven innovative technology and its future potential in industry. We build positive relationships with customers and partners and present with passion and enthusiasm.

FRIENDLY – we’re approachable and easy to understand. We listen, speak and write clearly. We believe in real relationships with our customers that deliver great results.

EXACTING – we set high standards in our work and strive to make customer’s happy 100% of the time. We work with each and every partner and client to ensure that our systems are working properly and at maximum efficiency – our business is only as good as our last installation.